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Who curates the stories on NewsLoop?

Our team of content editors identifies the best publishers on the Internet. From established media companies like BBC, ESPN and Reuters to renowned magazines and bloggers, we bring you different perspectives from your home country and the world.

What are Trending topics?

Trending topics are created by our team of editors when major or trending news events occur. Under these circumstances, we gather all related stories from our publishers to one destination to complement your reading experience. Trending topics can also be a collection of stories handpicked by our editors featuring the hottest talk in town.

Do I need to pay to read news on NewsLoop?

NewsLoop is 100% free for our users, no subscription fees required!

I see a permanent category in my Top Stories page that is not my choice or interest. Why is this so?

These are sponsored categories from our advertisers, one of our avenues to keep the app free for our users. They typically do not last longer than three months. We are always looking at ways to improve our ad offerings for the needs of our advertisers and our users. Feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions to us!

Can I receive news on my Apple Watch?

Yes you can! We have made our app compatible with the Apple Watch. Pair it with your iPhone to receive timely notification of breaking news around the world.

Why do some articles appear as webpages?

Some of our publishers request that you only read their content in a webpage. We are continuously working on solutions that respect their requests but also provide you the option to display articles in our easy-to-read reader view.

NewsLoop takes a while to load, what can I do?

We are constantly improving the performance of our app, but a quick fix will be to connect your device over Wi-Fi to speed things up.

Where can I download NewsLoop?

NewsLoop is a universal app that can be downloaded by anyone in the world. The app contains international news headlines as well as local content from Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines and Australia. True to our philosophy of bringing local updates to our users!

How does NewsLoop use my personal data when I use the app?

NewsLoop is committed to complying with the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) provisions. We respect your privacy and will use your personal data only in the manners as agreed by you. You can select your choices to allow the use of your information under “Contact Modes” in the Help section.

Need additional support?

Email us at support@newsloop.co, follow us on Twitter page @getNewsLoop or like us on Facebook.

Why do I need to create a profile? Can I enjoy the content without creating a profile?

Creating a new profile allows you to access your customised content across various devices and enhance your reading experience. Nonetheless, we have heard our users’ feedback and you can now enjoy your customised content on a single device without creating a profile. Hassle-free reading!

How do I create and edit my profile?

On tablets: Tap on at the top left hand corner and at the dropdown list on the top left hand corner, select ADD/EDIT PROFILE. Pick your publishers and then save your new profile.

On iPhone/Android smartphones: Tap on and tap on the back button until you see PROFILE. Select ADD/EDIT PROFILE. Pick your publishers and then save your new profile. Alternatively, you can also navigate the taps under CONTENT CATEGORIES to customise your preferences.

I have set up NewsLoop on iPad. Can I use the same account on iPhone/Android smartphones?

Yes! Simply sync your NewsLoop preferences across all of your devices by logging into your NewsLoop account.

How do I select and rearrange my NewsLoop categories?

On tablets: Tap on at the top left hand corner and edit the content categories in your profile. To rearrange the sequence of the categories, tap on and drag to your preferred position.

On smartphones: Tap on at the top left hand corner. Go to Edit My Categories or Add More Categories. To rearrange the sequence, tap on and drag to your preferred position.

I only wish to receive news alerts on NewsLoop in specific times of the day. Can this be set?

Not a problem – launch our dashboard by clicking on the top left hand corner button.

On your smartphone: find the “Do Not Disturb” option and choose the timeframe to silence notifications.

On your tablet: click on “My Profile” button and you will see the “Do Not Disturb” option. Click on it and choose the timeframe to silence notifications.

How do I disable notifications on my Android device?

The NewsLoop app does not have a function to turn off the notifications as it is an in-built function on Android devices. You may try the following on your Android phone:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on Applications manager
  • Scroll down to NewsLoop and tap on it
  • Uncheck the selection "Show notifications"

Can I save the articles to read later?

Certainly! Click on the star button of every article to save it. To access your saved articles, go back to the category view and under the dropdown menu, select “Saved articles”.

Can I share articles on my social networks?

On iPad and iPhone: Simply select found on the top of each article.
On Android smartphones and tablets:Tap on the button.

I can't share articles on my Facebook account.

It is likely that when you logged in to Facebook for the first time on NewsLoop and we seek your permissions, you might not have agreed to all permissions for NewsLoop to post articles on your behalf and hence the error message.

To resolve this issue, please go to your Facebook page and under your privacy settings for the NewsLoop app, remove all NewsLoop permissions on your Facebook account and sign in again to the social networks on our app. If you face other problems, please write to us at support@newsloop.co.